Galerie LuCo shows works that are strong, passionate, sometimes controversial, always intriguing.

We are proud to present our latest discoveries... The works from these artists are bold, fresh and simple, and they talk to us with a unique balance of sophisticated strength and harmony. We expect the dialogue between them to elicit spirited conversation. And we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Gay Ribisi, who started her career as a conceptual artist at the birth of the movement in the early 70’s and developed through non-functional ceramics and painting into video art and fine art photography. 'Wet', was curated and assembled specially for Galerie LuCo. Drifting portraits, taken underwater with all the accoutrements of a mundane existence encapsulated in a surreal, floating moment.

Marlene Rose, who continues to be one of the leading female glass artists of our century. She has made the difficult and dangerous medium of hand-cast glass truly her own. Her collection specifically for Galerie Luco, comprises an unique sculptural exploration of the spiritual and the
profound; the fleeting moment and what lies beyond.
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